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Fitting Service -Bob's Bicycle Shop

Professional Bicycle Fitting Systems

We offer professional fitting services for all riders specializing in road and triathlon set-up.  Our bicycle fitting system utilizes experience, measuring devices, and software to enable us to fit cyclists with a safe and effective position on their bicycle. We use the "Fit kit Pro II" to increase comfort, efficiency, endurance, and power, while reducing injuries caused by improper fit or previous injury. We can advise you on fit concerning a current bike or a new bike you may be considering.

The cost of a fitting can be deducted from the cost of a new bike over $1000 making it free with purchase. *

BODY FIT ( LEVEL 0 )................................$ 45*

 The Body Fit uses the Fit Kit Pro II to provide a calculation and recommendation for a rider's fit based off body measurements. No bike needed. Great for pre bike purchases. Highly recommended before you start to shop for any high performance bike.

  • Reach, Stem Length, Rise, Stack and Angle
  • Crank Length
  • Comfort Issues
  • Frame Size
  • Saddle Height and Position
  • Handlebar Size & Position

BIKE FIT W/ ADJUSTMENTS ONLY ( LEVEL 1 )................................$85

 Our most basic fit. Ideal for those who need an updated fit or need a bike fitted to them. Those who buy used should take advantage of this service. 

  • Adjust existing parts to the rider: stem, handlebar and saddle.
  • Recommendations for upgrading included.
  • Rider will be placed on trainer and should expect to ride their bike for a period of time. Appropiate dress required.

FULL FIT ( LEVEL 2 )................................$155

A thorough examination aimed at maximizing performance and/or working with pre-existing conditions.

The Full Fit provides everything included in a body fit plus fine-tuning the fit on the bicycle to match the rider’s style and desired position with regard to strengths and weaknesses. We complete this process by observing the cyclist's position on his or her bicycle and trouble shooting issues a cyclist may be encountering. Instruction in proper riding form and beneficial exercises are also included. Any labor required to exchange parts is included.

  • Includes all features of a bike fit plus:
  • Hip / pelvis rotation
  • Optimal riding posture and form
  • Aero or multisport fit options
  • Installation of parts
  • Complete set up of position on bike

 PRO FIT W/ R.A.D.S. ( LEVEL 3 )................................$250

 Pro Fit provides everything included in a full fit plus a pedal fit using the R.A.D.s or Rotational Adjustment Device to ensure proper cleat alignment.

 This can be added to a fit at any time providing we have done a Full Fit and the cleats and pedals are in relatively new condition.

*Excluding Complete Plus Fit