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Electric Surfboard Rentals - Bob's Beach Bicycle Works

Welcome to Bob's Beach Bicycle Works Online Reservation Portal. Please fill out the following sections and submit the form. Once received, one of our staff will be in touch to follow up with you.

        Rental Item    Cost                                  
 Jetson  Grouper 9' Electric Surfboard $89.00 per hour, maximum of two (2) hours per day. Includes delivery and pick up to 5th Avenue Boardwalk Beach

Learn more about Jetson Boards HERE!

Contact Jetson HERE

Purchase your Jetson boards at the links below. There is 12 month financing available:

8' Wahoo Board

9' Grouper Board

Rental time frame is limited due to the battery life of the board. They must be returned to Bob's Beach Bicycle Works for charging immediately. Staff will pick up board when reserved time is up.

**Confirmation is subject to board availability. There is a 72 hour cancellation policy. Any reservation cancelled after the 72 hour policy will result in a one day charge for the rental. Reservation forms are required for all rentals.**

You will receive a rental confirmation within 48 hours of your rental submission. Please do not call the store as all rental confirmations are done via email by our rental coordinator. You can, however, email us at regarding your rental.


1) Only adult riders 21 and older able to swim and who have signed the WAIVER and RELEASE shall operate the Electric Surfboard.

2) No alcohol or drug consumption at any time during Electric Surfboard rental.

3) Do not carry passengers or equipment on your Electric Surfboard.

4) Ride at your current skill level, Do not push your limit, be careful and practice safety.

5) Only operate the Jetson Electric Surfboard in the water. Do not run the Electric Surfboard up on the beach. This damages the machine.

6) Do not drive the Electric Surfboard within 500 feet of guest swimming and beach areas, docks or near snorkelers, divers or other vessels. Do not attempt to splash or spray another person.

7) Do not participate in any race or other contest involving Electric Surfboards, Jet Skis or other vessels

8) Be aware of other drivers and vessels. Do not drive too close to other vessels.

9) Do not park and leave vessel or equipment or keys unattended.

10) Anyone not following these rules or directions from your rental attendant or who is caught speeding will be escorted back to registration and your riding time and tour will be forfeited with NO REFUNDS. 

11) Electric Surfboards are to be returned on time or additional fees will be accessed.

12) There are no refunds for early returns. Overtime charges are $2 per minute.

13) You may only operate the Electric Surfboards within the 1 mile radius area designated by the rental agent.

14) Violation of any of these rules and regulations will result in forfeiture of your full deposit.

A Bob's Employee will follow up with you to confirm your rental status within 24 hours.

Required Information



NOTE: In order to guarantee this rental reservation, you must complete the following so that we can get your credit card information. We can't save a rental for you until we have this information. Thank you!

By checking the "yes" box below you acknowledge and agree to the terms of this rental agreement. I accept for use as is the equipment listed on this form and accept full responsibility for the care of the equipment while in my possession. I authorize Bob's Beach Bicycle Works to place the applicable credit hold on my credit card account until the rental equipment is returned. I will be responsible for the replacement, at full retail value, and equipment rented on this form not returned to Bob's Beach Bicycle Works. I also agree to replace, at full retail value, any equipment damaged while in my possession. I agree to return all rental equipment, by the agreed time, to the agreed location, to avoid additional late fee charges of one days rental amount for every day late. I understand that I will be responsible for full payment of the Electric Surfboard rental regardless of whether I ride/use the equipment rented. I am aware that riding an Electric Surfboard involves many inherent risks, dangers and hazards, including but not limited to: exposed rock, coral, reef, sand or natural objects; shells, floating objects and waves about the water surface; changes or variations in the sun, clouds, wind and or rain or water surface which may create blind spots or reduced visibility; impact or collision with other Surfboards, vessels, or persons. We make NO WARRANTY of any kind, nature or description, express or implied, as to the quality and manufacture, safety or driveability or fitness for any particular purpose of any Electric Surfboard covered by this agreement. The above signed hereby acknowledge that riding Electric Surfboards is a dangerous activity, with a high risk of serious bodily injury or death to others or myself. You are strongly encouraged to have medical insurance prior to engaging in this activity. Registered 21+ Driver with license must drive, i.e. Children may not operate Electric Surfboards. Failure to follow these policies, rules and regulations will result in removal of Electric Surfboard with no refunds. Customer shall be liable for any loss of equipment, equipment value and property damages or injury to any person caused by use of equipment. Bob's Beach Bicycle Works shall not be liable for any loss.

Terms and Conditions

Valid driver's license, credit card and signed waiver required with all rentals. Rental will be paid at time of pickup with deposit, in the form of your driver's license and credit card, being returned to you at time of return of rental item. Have fun, but please don't abuse our rentals because you are accountable for any damage to the equipment! The minimum charge for damage beyond normal wear and tear is $125. On rare occasions, we may not be able to meet your reservation needs. We'll do our best to notify you in advance or accommodate you with substitutions. Renter is responsible for any damage that may occur to the board during the period of the rental agreement. There is a 72 hour cancellation policy in effect for our rentals.

Please provide your credit card information for the purpose of securing your bicycle reservation. Your card will not be charged until 3 days prior to the rental. This site is SSL encrypted. Your information is secure and is only available to the site administrator.
Please enter month and year of expiration (mm/yyyy).