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Hammer Nutrition Hammer Gel (24-pack)

Hammer Nutrition Hammer Gel (24-pack)
  • Flavor: Apple Cinnamon
  • Flavor: Banana
  • Flavor: Chocolate
  • Flavor: Espresso
  • Flavor: Montana Huckleberry
  • Flavor: Hazelnut-Chocolate
  • Flavor: Orange
  • Flavor: Peanut Butter
  • Flavor: Peanut Butter Chocolate
  • Flavor: Raspberry
  • Flavor: Tropical
  • Flavor: Vanilla
Single Serving 24-pack
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Hammer Gel is an easily digested, concentrated source of complex carbohydrates that boasts 4 amino acids to enhance athletic output and prolong energy levels during intense training and competition. There's only a trace of sugar, so there's no sugar rush or dreaded sugar crash. Hammer Gel has a syrup–like consistency that mixes easily with water if so desired. Use it before, during, and after exercise.

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN Store SKU
Apple Cinnamon / Single Serving 24-pack 602059011855 HBA24 HAM44630238S
Banana / Single Serving 24-pack 602059011862 HBB24 HAM37865109S
Chocolate / Single Serving 24-pack 602059011879 HBC24 HAM40174028S
Espresso / Single Serving 24-pack 602059011886 HBE24 HAM39167726S
Montana Huckleberry / Single Serving 24-pack 602059011893 HBH24 HAM49336347S
Hazelnut-Chocolate / Single Serving 24-pack 602059014719 HBN24 HAM48486700S
Orange / Single Serving 24-pack 602059011909 HBO24 HAM37803567S
Peanut Butter / Single Serving 24-pack 602059011916 HBP24 HAM43496459S
Peanut Butter Chocolate / Single Serving 24-pack 602059014610 HBPC24 HAM52224173S
Raspberry / Single Serving 24-pack 602059011923 HBR24 HAM40753387S
Tropical / Single Serving 24-pack 602059011930 HBT24 HAM39287520S
Vanilla / Single Serving 24-pack 602059011947 HBV24 HAM38696163S