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Giordana Fusion Short Sleeve Jersey

Giordana Fusion Short Sleeve Jersey
  • Color: Denim Blue
  • Color: Denim Blue
  • Color: Black
  • Color: Coral
  • Color: Purple
  • Color: Purple
  • Color: Sky Blue
  • Color: White
$69.74 - $92.99
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Crafted with rich fabric, woven to move moisture away from the body to the exterior of the jersey where it can evaporate, keeping the rider cool and dry while protecting against UV rays.

Value and Comfort
The Fusion Jersey offers a generous fit which utilizes professional level fabrics, trims and features to keep the rider cool, dry and visible yet provides maximum value. All Giordana Women's apparel is designed using the Women's Contour Fit system, meaning the paneling and construction is derived from a women’s form in the riding position

Rich Fabric
The rich fabric, woven to move moisture away from the body to the exterior of the jersey where it can evaporate, keeps the rider cool and dry while protecting against UV rays and providing antibacterial properties.

Trims, Pockets and Zipper
The cuffs are held gently in place with a soft turned hem and the waist is secured with soft jacquard elastic that includes a comfortable microfiber interior. The three rear cargo pockets feature a lip to protect against the loss of small items. The reversed Camlock zipper is easily maneuverable and locks in the down position. Rubber Giordana logos complete the jersey.

- Generous fit
- Moisture moving material with UV protection and antibacterial properties
- Soft jacquard elastic at the waist
- Three rear cargo pockets with pocket lip
- Camlock zipper
- Rubber Giordana logos
- Giordana Women’s Contour Fit

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN Store SKU
Denim Blue / XX-Small 842009123768 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-DENI00 FUS26607583K
Denim Blue / X-Small 842009123775 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-DENI01 FUS26673769K
Denim Blue / Small 842009123782 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-DENI02 FUS26305212K
Denim Blue / Medium 842009123799 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-DENI03 FUS26312875K
Denim Blue / Large 842009123805 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-DENI04 FUS26268470K
Denim Blue / X-Large 842009123812 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-DENI05 FUS26253602K
Denim Blue / XX-Large 842009123829 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-DENI06 FUS26145907K
Black / XX-Small 842009123621 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-BLCK00 FUS28987600W
Black / X-Small 842009123638 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-BLCK01 FUS28327655W
Black / Small 842009123645 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-BLCK02 FUS28175745W
Black / Medium 842009123652 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-BLCK03 FUS28291040W
Black / Large 842009123669 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-BLCK04 FUS28508680W
Black / X-Large 842009123676 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-BLCK05 FUS28505198W
Black / XX-Large 842009123683 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-BLCK06 FUS28732188W
Coral / XX-Small 842009123690 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-CORA00 FUS27654155E
Coral / X-Small 842009123706 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-CORA01 FUS27900177E
Coral / Small 842009123713 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-CORA02 FUS27795797E
Coral / Medium 842009123720 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-CORA03 FUS27872813E
Coral / Large 842009123737 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-CORA04 FUS27449985E
Coral / X-Large 842009123744 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-CORA05 FUS27538057E
Coral / XX-Large 842009123751 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-CORA06 FUS27772458E
Pink / XX-Small 842009123836 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-PINK00 FUS2669392K
Pink / X-Small 842009123843 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-PINK01 FUS26414843K
Pink / Small 842009123850 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-PINK02 FUS26238196K
Pink / Medium 842009123867 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-PINK03 FUS26779586K
Pink / Large 842009123874 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-PINK04 FUS26264678K
Pink / X-Large 842009123881 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-PINK05 FUS26218861K
Pink / XX-Large 842009123898 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-PINK06 FUS26783647K
Purple / XX-Small 842009123904 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-PURP00 FUS29941397W
Purple / X-Small 842009123911 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-PURP01 FUS29717778W
Purple / Small 842009123928 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-PURP02 FUS2998355W
Purple / Medium 842009123935 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-PURP03 FUS29184508W
Purple / Large 842009123942 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-PURP04 FUS29483502W
Purple / X-Large 842009123959 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-PURP05 FUS29294964W
Purple / XX-Large 842009123966 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-PURP06 FUS29793026W
Sky Blue / XX-Small 842009123973 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-SKYB00 FUS24437975K
Sky Blue / X-Small 842009123980 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-SKYB01 FUS24885844K
Sky Blue / Small 842009123997 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-SKYB02 FUS24254839K
Sky Blue / Medium 842009124000 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-SKYB03 FUS2492429K
Sky Blue / Large 842009124017 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-SKYB04 FUS24417797K
Sky Blue / X-Large 842009124024 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-SKYB05 FUS24428958K
Sky Blue / XX-Large 842009124031 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-SKYB06 FUS24996205K
White / XX-Small 842009124048 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-WHIT00 FUS22894512K
White / X-Small 842009124055 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-WHIT01 FUS22217898K
White / Small 842009124062 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-WHIT02 FUS22527929K
White / Medium 842009124079 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-WHIT03 FUS22958560K
White / Large 842009124086 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-WHIT04 FUS2250153K
White / X-Large 842009124093 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-WHIT05 FUS22396347K
White / XX-Large 842009124109 GICS18-WSSJ-FUSI-WHIT06 FUS22813575K