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Electric Surfboards

Jetson Jetson Surfboard Ion-Li Battery Pack
The battery life varies greatly depending on conditions and use. Jetson’s battery assists you with you paddling. The more you paddle, the longer the battery will last. The pack has been designed to cover one good surf session, with a good number of waves. Under normal surfing conditions battery should last approximately 90 minutes. Once depleted, it can be replaced with a charged pack. If you are one of those people who wants to surf another session you can purchase an additional battery.
Jetson Jetson Surfboard Charger
The charger can be used and is compatible with both 120 v and 220 v electricity. A full charge requires approximately 6 hours.
Jetson Jetson 8' Wahoo Paddle Assist Surfboard
If you are thinking about riding waves, this is the funshape board for you. The 8' WAHOO is the perfect way to start feeling what surfing is all about. Due to its volume and width it’s totally manueverable in the waves. It’s thrust driven by it’s aluminum alloy propeller allowing you to catch waves early before the wave breaks, giving you that extra time needed to stand up and position yourself in the wave, making the takeoffs super easy. 12 Month Financing Available.
Jetson Jetson 9' Grouper Paddle Assist Surfboard
In surfing, the king of glide is the longboard. Soul surfers, you are lucky now. The GROUPER will exceed all your expectations! Width, buoyancy and stability is what you will find in this longboard which breaks away from all surfing vehicles thanks to its integrated propeller jet propulsion, which transforms maneuverability and catching more waves than you have ever ridden. The GROUPER is also great for beginners at surfing schools. Its length, width and volume makes it into an indispensable tool, helping learning and technic evolution. Small wave days become great surfing days now! 12 Month Financing is available. Rent one at Bob's Beach Bicycle Works. Make your reservation at: https://securecart.net/page.cfm?domain=bobsbicycles.com&pageid=366a900b2ae4791db3d-F4625B90-F3F7-0A50-6423300E033E0C06
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